[May-June] Books and Movies Recommendation

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Writing letters to an unknown recipient named "Friend", 15-year old Charlie confides in the pages of this book about his first year as a high school freshman tacking mental illness.

Thrown into the world of first-loves and losses, Charlie navigates this unknown war zone with the help two seniors:  the closeted, boisterious Patrick, and the mysterious, beautiful Sam. 

Beyond the story, Charlie's letter-writing points out a powerful activity: reflection. Reflecting can be the place where all the things we don't tell other people and perhaps, the things we hide from ourselves too need to surface for us to grow as individuals. 

Planet Earth II

5.7 years (nonstop) in the making, this documentary narrated by the wonderful Sir David Attenborough will make you feel five again, trying to figure out how in the world Animal Planet managed to film two komodo dragons ripping into a deer carcass without being ripped apart themselves.

With this month's theme, 'Don't Panic', why did we include this here?

Because part of the reason we all panic is because of the need to fit into the constructed environment around us. Planet Earth will ask you to stop and realize that there are entire universes right here on this earth beyond our concrete houses and digitized world. And maybe once you finish watching our graceful planet showcase some of the magnificent animals we cohabit with, your childhood awe and sense of indestructibility will be restored and ready for you to tackle whatever it is you want to accomplish. 

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