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A note from our Marketing Intern

Dear Students and Parents,

I knew Columbia had broken me when I woke up from a loud thump one night, hoping whatever was in my room would drag me back into the hole it crawled up from. At the time, I had no idea I was going through one of the most difficult semesters at Columbia. The people around me, however, could see that something was going on. After I begrudgingly told a few upperclassmen just how tired I was with Economics, I was met with a unanimous response: “Don’t make this a habit or you’ll burn out."

This concept of “burning out” was familiar, but until that moment, it had never presented itself as something I should be concerned about because I was so young.


When the spring semester started, I stopped denying myself the one thing that has consistently given me a sense of purpose: English.

I took a literature course and started to seriously consider doing a concentration in English. This meant that for the first time in a year, I was taking five classes, two of which were in the economics department. But suddenly, I didn’t feel as though every week was a struggle anymore.

Even though she doesn’t know me personally, if anyone could have predicted this change, it would have been Yahoo!’s former CEO, Marissa Mayer.

According to her: 
“Burnout is about resentment. It’s about knowing what matters to you so much that if you don’t get it, you’re resentful.” 

What “matters to you” doesn’t have to be related to work or school at all. It’s that underdog fueling your rhythm so you not only get through the week, but regain the eagerness to pour into your work.

Mayer’s idea about burning out actually being resentment was very important to me this year. My unhappiness, indicative of an unsustainable path, slowly dissipated because I found a rhythm that worked. Even when I was tired, it was a happy kind of tired.

 Building on Mayer’s idea, I want to propose this as well: you don’t have to “earn” these things that matter as part of self-care or balance. You should have them simply because they are imperative to making you a human, and not a machine, working in the networks around you.  

And now, as I always tell my Crimson family when I’m thousands of miles away in a tiny NYC dorm hole, go eat something yummy. Because according to Ms. Mayers, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Claire Nanthayapirom,
Crimson Marketing Intern and Student at Columbia University


Events Around Town          

Put Pen to Paper / Crimson Event
You are about to embark on an arduous adventure: writing your application essay to college. It’s more than just listing out your accomplishments -- it’s telling your life story, describing your extracurricular activities concisely but effectively, and stating your academic mission. Don’t know where to start?

Crimson’s Head Strategist, Bob Fan, can help. Flying in from Michigan for this event, Bob has over 6 years of experience in working with students by equipping them with the skills and capabilities to excel in their chosen paths, one of which is writing. In the past, his students have gained acceptances to institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania. Join us for this deep dive into the writing process of the application essay and how to maximize your chances of admission to your school of choice.

When: July 21st
Where: The Crimson Office, Level 08 Alma Link Building 
Who Should Attend: Students in Gr. 9-11

For more info, contact the team at thailand@crimsoneducation.org 
Creative Writing: The Art of Storyelling / Crimson Summer Program

Storytelling - it’s in our DNA. It separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. But did you know that the average reader spends only 5 seconds on the opening line of a story before moving on? To grab your reader’s attention, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of effective writing. This summer, join Crimson mentor Tatiana Kunwongse for a 5-day workshop on creative writing for personal essays. Everyone’s got a story, what’s yours?

Session I (July 23-27) 
Session II (July 30 - Aug 3) 
Session III (Aug 6-10) 

Who: Students from gr. 8-11 

Where: The Crimson Office, Level 08 Alma Link Building

Sign Up Now!
                News and Announcements
CrimsonApp Is On Mobile / Crimson News

Book and accept session invites with more ease starting this month! The Crimson App website is now available on mobile platform. Simply open your phone’s web browser and type in https://app.crimsoneducation.org.

Enjoy all the website’s functions in the palm of your hand.

The Ultimate Reading List for Future CEOs/ Crimson E-book of the Month

Do you dream of leading a company one day? Then you’ll need the wisdom and courage that only books can lend you. Check out our recommended books for you on The Ultimate Reading List for Future CEO’s. These are books that you won’t want to miss.

Books and Movies
For One More Day by Mitch Albom / Book Recommendation 
Charley Benetto’s life is falling part and has been since his father walked out of the family. He’s had enough. His daughter has shut him out of the family, he has an alcohol problem, and to top that of, he just lost his job.

With nothing else to lose, Charley visits his old house only to find his deceased mother welcoming him with open arms. Charley steps into his house and relives a day with a lost loved one. In one day, Charley uncovers stories that would make him rethink his mother and father’s relationship and why he has traveled so close to rock bottom.
Ocean's 8/ Movie Recommendations
How long does it take to turn a second chance into the heist of a life-time?

For Debby Ocean, it’s five years, eight months, and twelve days. In prison.

Released on parole, Debby Ocean revisits old friends with a new vision. Her target is not just a few banks, but the most exclusive party in North America: The Met Gala.

With some of the most notoriously successful criminals in tow and a seemingly vapid actress as her mule, Debby creates her own legacy in this remake of the Ocean’s franchise, featuring a predominantly female cast.
               What's New in Education?
The Third Education Revolution / The Atlantic

Have you ever heard of an education revolution? Because the US has undergone two waves of education in the past century, and it might be ushering in another one.

The “high-school movement” in the 1900s made secondary schools a nationwide system. The “college-for all movement” increased federal aid for higher education. Today, economists and educators argue that a third wave of education and training has arrived. This wave will be marked by short spurts of training rather than long lengthy blocks of school. The way we see retraining, too, will be changed; it will be perceived as a part of work life not as a response to a traumatic event. 

Click the link below to find out more about what forces might turn this wave into a disaster for vulnerable groups.

Read here!

Read. Watch. Learn.

Career Insights: Acting & Marketing with Mark Mauriello

Career Insights: Acting/Marketing with Mark Mauriello
Watch here!
Harvard Ballet Company: Community and Excellence

Extra Curriculars: Harvard Ballet Company
Watch here!
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