Public Speaking Coach is Needed


Crimson Education Thailand is looking for a part time Public Speaking Coach. We’re calling for teachers who are dynamic, friendly, and can work with teenagers. If you have experience in public speaking and have taught communication, public speaking or drama skills before, this may be the role for you.

Teach classes of six to eight students, ages ranging from 14-17 years. All the students are fluent in English and pre-made lesson plans will be provided. The course is taught in English. Classes are taught over the weekends, roughly two hours per class, for up to 2 months starting in September.

Speak Smart I

You will be teaching Speak Smart I, a Crimson-developed introductory course in public speaking. We aim to equip students with presentation skills and storytelling abilities. Learning through drama activities and class-based discussions, students should be able to deliver a 5-minute speech that is both moving and genuine by the end of the program. You have room to make adjustments to our curriculum as you see fit.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field from an accredited university

  • Exceptionally strong oral English communication skills

  • At least 2-3 years of experience in public speaking/teaching public speaking  

  • Experience teaching in classrooms and in group settings


  • A great story-teller

  • Comfortable working independently and collaboratively with team members

  • Extra-curricular experience in public speaking or performance (i.e MUN, Debate, Drama, Toastmasters, etc,)

  • Empathetic and Sociable

  • Punctual, organized, can prep for classes ahead of time

  • Can travel to our office at the Alma Link Building in Chidlom area

  • If you are a foreigner, you must already have a work permit or a tax ID number. We cannot sponsor you with work permit if you don’t have one already.

  • Commitment to least 8 hours of teaching per month  

  • Compensation is competitive.

Please send your CV and cover letter to Khun Alisa at We can also be reached at 02 255 7466.

About Crimson Education:

Crimson Education is a global educational consulting firm which was founded in New Zealand in 2013. The firm’s mission is to help people achieve their potential. Since our humble beginnings, we have connected more than 20,000 students, entrepreneurs and young professionals with some of the world’s brightest young minds.

Crimson now operates across the globe, expanding into Australia, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and many, many more countries.

We pride ourselves on securing the very best people for you to work with. Our consultancy has a world-class network of more than 2,000 tutors and mentors from around the world.

Crimson Education Thailand was founded in 2016 by #1 King’s Scholar and Harvard graduate, Sujaree (Pom) Xu. Prior to Crimson, Sujaree worked in Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and was a Vice President at AlpInvest Partners in Hong Kong.

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