A Day in the Life: Harvard / Stanford Business Student

Jamie Beaton enrolled at Stanford Business School after finishing his Masters and Bachelors in Applied Math at Harvard in three years, and will soon study at Oxford with the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Amidst all these rigorous studies, Jamie is also the co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education, the world's largest personalized learning company, helping students get into universities all over the world. Have a question for Jamie about Stanford, Harvard, or admissions more broadly? Email him personally at ask.jamie@crimsoneducation.org. Follow a day in Jamie's busy life at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and learn about his intensive classes and workload, how he applies Business School methods and strategies everyday from the classroom to his role as the CEO of Crimson, what makes Stanford Business School unique and special, and why he founded Crimson and continues to work everyday to help students achieve their university dreams!

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