Black Wharton: Community and Empowerment

Established in 1975, the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association (BWUA) provides support and guidance to black students within The Wharton School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania to help them attain their personal and professional goals. In addition to its work with students at Penn throughout the year, Black Wharton also puts on the annual HEMM Conference, which has attracted over 150 students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders for panels, discussions, presentations, and a career fair. Black Wharton members also started the Black Ivy League Business Conference last year, bringing together over 150 of the nation’s top Black Ivy League students to the Wharton School for two days. Watch to learn about the incredible community and opportunities created at the Wharton School and Penn by the impressive students of Black Wharton!

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